Manual Energetic Therapy TME®



Manual Energetic Therapy TME® (French-Registered Brand) is a complete method that re-balance people physically, energetically and emotionally

This method combines


L energie creatrice






Touch for Health

Points chapman grand


Manual Energetic Therapy TME® was elaborated by Anne-Laurence in 2009 (after experimenting and perfecting it for 7 years).

It's a French Registered Brand at the l'INPI - National Registration Number 093625388 

This a very complete method enabling to balance a person physically, energetically and emotionally.

Sessions last one hour.

To make an appointment call  0692 683 269 or send an e- email

Price :

Adults : € 80 (1 hour)

Children and teenagers : € 60 (30 min.)


A training course is regularly organised to learn this very efficient method

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