Milton Erickson, the founder of brief therapy

Milton H. Erickson, a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and teacher, played a major role in renewing hypnosis as a therapeutic approach in the United States.

He is considered as the founder of the "Brief Therapy" trend and his works have inspired many therapeutic fields like NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) for instance.

Here is an excerpt of the Preamble written by Ernest Lawrence Rossi in "A Practical Treaty on Hypnosis: Indirect suggestion in clinical hypnosis".

"...Then the Milton Erickson phenomenon occurred. He was born with hereditary sensorial deficiencies which led him to embrace the world in a totally different way in order to be able to cope. He was also tragically hit by a polio attack twice in his life (at 17 and 51) . His reeducation efforts to recovery allowed him to rediscover himself through many hypnotic states and use them therapeutically.

Milton Erickson study and experimentation of hypnosis spread well over 50 years. He managed to modernise hypnotherapy thanks to his non-authoritarian approach to hypnosis via indirect suggestions that allowed patients to experience states of hypnosis and use their own inner potentials to solve problems by themselves...." (end of quote).