Remote hypnosis sessions on Skype or ZOOM

Remote Hypnosis sessions are for adults only.

You can download the Skype app on your PC or Labtop

Here is a link to do so :

Skype is a free application
 and so is ZOOM 

Here is a link to download the Zoom application 

Sessions take place by video in the same way as a session in the office.

I begin by asking you specific questions to better understand your problem and then we proceed to the session of therapeutic hypnosis.

You will need a headset or earphones (so that I can talk to you directly in your ears), be comfortably seated in a chair that supports your head and position your camera so that I can see the upper part of your body (head, thorax and hands). Make sure not to be disturbed during the session. Shut down all sources of trouble (phone, laptop, tablet, Internet mail, etc ...). Prepare a glass of water next to you.

Note: Remote hypnosis sessions are just as effective as face-to-face sessions in my Hpnotherapy Practice.

I work in this way with many people outside Reunion (France, Australia, Nez-Zealand, Europe) and get very good results in these sessions.


PRICE : €100 (all taxes included)

To book a remote Hypnosis session, click on this link:

Your appointment will be confirmed immediately upon receipt of payment and you'll receive an invoice.

You'll be redirected to my Calendly Page to make an online appointment.

 Should you have any trouble booking a session, please contact me by e-mail


 Hope to have the great pleasure to help you get rid  - or at least, improve - your ailment



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