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Welcome to my website hypnoreunion.com!

I am Anne-Laurence Fritsch, Senior certified hypnotherapist (GHR Registered) and Life Coach. 

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On this website you will find a plethora of information (various articles, texts, videos, podcasts,...) on hypnosis, hypnotherapy and their beneficial effects and also on various subjects related to personnal development and self-knowledge acquisition.

The hypnotherapy sessions take place in my hypnotherapy practise "L'Energie Créatrice" (in an individual 2-storey house off the main road)

Here is the address:

303 Bis Chaussée Royale, 97460 Saint-Paul

(towards the exit of étang st paul at the end of the main road between the bakery Casta and the mosque, next to the apartment flats of Chaussée Royale where there is a osteopathy practise)

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CALL  0692 683 269

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Skype sessions are also available

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  • Addictions :TOBACCO, drugs, alcohol, ....
  • Stress, anxiety, nervousness, ...
  • Phobias (of plane, insects, crowds, claustrophobia,.....)
  • Nervous tics
  • Unexplained fear
  • Enuresia
  • Overweight, boulimia, anorexia
  • Unexplained physical pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic diseases
  • Psychosomatic illnesses
  • Lack of confidence
  • Mourning
  • Difficult periods in life: divorce, separation, accidents, unemployment, retirement, ...



  • severe depression
  • schizophrenia
  • bipolarity (manic-depressive states)
  • epilepsy
  • severe heart problems
  • paranoïa
  • acute psychosis 
  • borderline personalities 


Make sure you choose a well-qualified hypnotherapist!



Excerpts of the European Association of Hypnosis Practitioners (A.E.P.H, 19 bd de Grenelle, 75015 PARIS).  (Translation by Anne-Laurence Fritsch) /

«Hypnosis is a state of modified consciousness, a state in-between two states of wakening and sleeping.

There are several ways to access to this in-between state. Any relaxation or meditation technique induces a state of hypnosis. Some yoga exercises can also lead to that state. So is the case during a massage or acupuncture session. We all go through a hypnotic stage when we fall asleep and when we awaken. It is therefore a common daily experience and anybody has the capacity of being hypnotised, which is a common human characteristic.

The hypnotic state is first of all a pleasant experience during which the body relaxes and the mind calms down.

So every person who is hypnotised can experience physical well-being and inner peace.

Since hypnosis is a state between two states of wakening and sleeping, the person being hypnotised is not asleep and remains aware of her surroundings and of what is happening. In a slight state of hypnosis with eyes closed she might feel like being still awake and alert. In a deeper state of hypnosis, she may feel as if drowsing off. Often, during a hypnosis session, the person may feel different stages of hypnotic state fluctuating between light and deep hypnotic states, while still being able to think and keep in touch with reality even when in a deep state of hypnosis. It is therefore impossible to make a hypnotised person commit actions that are against her own sense of morality (of what’s right and wrong).

However, since the person is physically and mentally relaxed, it is easier for her to focus on what the hypnotherapist is saying. Therefore, the state of hypnosis is like a state o physical relaxation and mental concentration that enables privileged communication between the hypnotherapist and the hypnotised subject who is not disturbed by outside stimuli. Nonetheless, the hypnotised subject remains aware of what is going on throughout the hypnosis session. After coming out the hypnotic state the subject remembers what happened during the session. During the hypnotic state, the subject was able to let go, which enabled deep therapeutic exploration with a minimum of resistance….”


…the hypnotherapist can also use the subject’s own inner resources as well as resistances. The conscious mind being limited by its own belief systems and prejudices, the hypnotic state allows to have access to the resources of the subconscious mind which is difficult to reach otherwise.  Various hypnotic phenomenons like post-hypnotic suggestions, analgesia, time distortion, can also be used during therapy. To avoid resistance, the hypnotherapist can also use metaphors and indirect suggestions, and other approaches which were developed by the famous psychiatrist of Phoenix, Arizona, USA: Milton H. Erickson (1901-1980)…”