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Treating Insomnia with Hypnosis



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Peter Mcmahon
  • 1. Peter Mcmahon (link) | 2020-02-11
Indeed, Hypnotherapy is very useful in treating insomnia. One should prefer it over drugs.
Susan trevino
  • 2. Susan trevino | 2020-02-28
I came across Herbal HealthPoint (ww w. herbalhealthpoint. c om) two years ago and learnt about their successful COPD herbal therapy for COPD. I immediately started on the COPD treatment; few weeks into the treatment i began to notice a reduction in symptoms, after I completed the treatment, my symptoms were all gone including the severe shortness of breath, cough and wheezing. Its been over two years since treatment I feel better and breath better.
Anne-Laurence Fritsch
  • Anne-Laurence Fritsch | 2020-02-28
Thank you, Susan for sharing this info that may be quite useful to many

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