Press Articles

April 2013 April 2013 ahj 1ahj 1 (2.53 Mo) Pages 9 and 10.  article written in English by Anne-Laurence Fritsch on the beneficial effects of Ericksonian Hypnosis for the professional Mag of the Australian Association of Hypnotherapists.

Sydney conference letter of thanksSydney conference letter of thanks (141.08 Ko) lfor Anne-Laurence's contribution in the international hypnotherapy conférence in Sydney, Australia

Certificat d appreciation aha conference 2014Certificat d appreciation aha conference 2014 (274.36 Ko) 

Summer2011members 2Summer2011members 2 (1.34 Mo) Page 4, 5 and 13. Interview on Ericksonian hypnosis written for the professional Mag of the International Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists, Vancouver, Canada

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