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An intimate experience with Remote Hypnosis

Remote Hypnosis (on Skype or Zoom) is an intimate experience between the hypnotherapist and the consultant, sometimes even more intimate than a face-to-face session in my office.

In my long-standing professional experience as a certified hypnotherapist, I have helped may people in my hypnotherapy office and on line to help them break free from the obstacles that prevent them from enjoying their lives and to find the motivation to move forward on their path and take better care of themselves.

Recently, I have noticed that people who have followed sessions in my office and remotely, ultimately prefer online sessions which give them a sense of being more confortable and safer in their own home environment.

They found that face to face interaction on a screen is a subtly different and enjoyable experience of the "therapist-consultant" relationship.

And this way of proceeding leads to the same positive effects and results.

A common misconception is to think that hypnosis is a kind of magnetism which only works when the hypnotherapist and client are physically present in the same room.

However, therapeutic hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) is not magnetism.

Personally, I never touch people physically during a hypnotherapy session: everything is conveyed subtely through my voice, tone of voice, choice of words, metaphors, posture, synchronization techniques….

In those difficult times we are going through with the coronavirus, this may be an opportunity for you to experience a hypnotherapy session on line.

The same problems I treat in my office can be treated this way namely:

Anxiety issues, phobias, addictions, eating disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, lack of self-confidence,

existential crisis,….

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